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Granite 'Titanic' Power Push Sled is most definitely one of the strongest push sled in the market offering all athletes from moderate to the heaviest weight loads (over 500lb of weight plates). Titanic Push Sled is also a versatile unit as it offers both upright push position using the 2 included push poles as well as a much lower push position using the handlebars at the other end of the sled, thus giving college football athletes, professional sprinter, or just a beginner strongman a variety of full body & explosive strength training.

Our Titanic Push Sled can be used on all kinds of flat surfaces, including track & field, turf grass, even asphalt and with it's removable push poles, you can very easily transport it anywhere to any training grounds.

Granite 'Titanic' Push Sled is fully made in USA so you can count on the sled to handle all sorts of abuses. Titanic Sled is constructed from 1/4" USA steel as well as 2x3" 11ga tubing and it is fully welded by skilled fabricator here at our manufacturing facility.

NOTE: This sale is only for the Granite 'Titanic' Push Sled. Bumper plates shown in picture are not included.