[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Gravity Power Sled with Carabiner

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Granite 'Gravity' Power Sled is one of the most versatile strength training equipment from our company. Gravity Sled can be used in Push or Pull exercises and it can easily handle over 400lb of weight loads, allowing athletes of all classes and sizes to work with the sled. Gravity Sled is designed to be used on multi surfaces including track & field, turf, grass, etc.

Granite 'Gravity' Sled is fully made in USA with 1/4" sheet from USA as well as 11ga 2x2" tubing from USA by our own skilled fabricator and welder. This sled is completely reinforced and ready to accept even the heaviest weight load any athlete demands from it. The sled comes with a Carabiner and 2 Push Poles that can be used on either side of the sled so you don't need to turn it around at the end of each lap.

NOTE: This sale is only for the 'Gravity' Push Sled unit. The bumper plates shown in picture are not included.