[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Mainline 3x3" Wall Mount Rack / Stand (90" Tall)

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Granite Fitness Mainline 3x3" Wall Mount Rack / Stands (90" Tall)

Granite Mainline 3x3" Wall Mount Rack offers the space saving solution to your home or garage and commercial strength training facility questions. This wall mount system will offer you some of the functionality of power rack, squat stand (depending on your height), pull up bar and more. 

This wall mount uprights will need to be securely bolted to the wall as well as the floor before using. The wall mount system comes with a pair of Granite J-cups, which is 3/8" thick and feature liners to protect your power bars. This Granite Wall Mount system is fully made in USA from 11ga 3x3" tubing with 5/8" hardware for the ultimate safety in training as well as dependability for years to come. Unlike most of the imported uprights or racks, with thin gauge tube.

This Wall Mount Rack will hold over 900lbs when properly anchored to the floor & studs or wall. This Rack also offers a large workout area at 48" wide and over 50" deep, enough for every type of pull up exercises.

NOTE: This sale is only for Granite Mainline Wall Mount Stands. The barbell and bumper plates shown in picture are not included.