[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Tri-Apex Multi Level Pull-up Bars

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Granite Tri-Apex Multi Pull-up Bars is designed to be an easy and great add-on to our Mainline 3x3" Power Rack and 3x3" Wall Mount system.  This Multi Level Pull-up bars set up will offer all athletes with different heights to do pull-up exercises from low bar to high bar and vice versa, which is why it is a must-have add-on to your Rack / Stand.

NOTE: Please make sure to securely bolt your Power Rack, Wall Mount uprights, or squat stands to the floor before adding this Tri-Apex Multi Pull-up Bars.

Granite Tri-Apex Multi Pull-up Bars is fully made in USA, alongside the rest of Granite Fitness equipment. It is constructed from 3/8" USA steel plate and 1.25" thick wall tubing and then fully welded by professional welders at our facility.