[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Compact Storage Rack (48" Tall)

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Granite Compact Storage Rack kit is our smaller weight storage solution, entirely built in USA.  This compact storage uprights are 48" and it holds up to 2 tier shelves.  When properly secured to the floor, these 2x2" 11ga uprights can hold more than 450lb of weight equipment without breaking a sweat.

This particular Granite Compact Storage Rack kit comes standard with 2 medicine ball shelves but can be upgraded to different shelving options, including: Dumbbell tray, Kettlebell tray, Bumper plate special shelf with dividers. 

INSTALLATION NOTE: Please make sure to install Bumper Plate shelf and Kettlebell tray towards the base of this storage rack due to their heavy weights. Please install medicine ball and dumbbell tray at the higher mounting level.

NOTE: This sale is only for Granite Storage Rack system. The medicine ball, dumbbell, bumper plates, and Kettlebell shown in picture are not included.