[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Standalone Pull-up Bar System (Extended Depth)

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Granite Standalone Pull-up Bar System is fully built in USA.  This Pull-up Bar System is offered in either standard 22" depth or 30" extended depth. Granite Standalone Pull-up Bar features a very heavy duty constructions, we used 3/8" thick mounting brackets and a 2x2" 11ga tubing for the support arms and it includes a 52" long 1.25" thick wall tubing for the pull up bar itself.

Granite Pull-up Bar system has an expandable design, so when multiple pull-up bar is installed in a row, they can all share the same 1.25" tubing which is an ideal set-up for a commercial gym facility or school gym. When installed in a home gym, our pull-up bar can be mounted onto any stable wood stud or ceiling joist or concrete wall.

Please NOTE that a secure and safe installation with a set of 'lag screws' and washers (and stringer board optionally) is required before using this Pull-up bar system. Failure to properly install this pull-up bar with stinger board, lag screws and washers will result in injury.