[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Mainline 3x3" Power Rack (90" Tall)

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This Granite Mainline 3x3" Power Rack is our flagship strength training power rack which we proudly build here in Austin, TX USA.  At 90" tall x 49" wide x 49" deep, this rack is very customizable and versatile. When properly anchored to the floor, this rack is can handle heavy loads of more than 1000lbs, so you can be confident that it will support an array of attachment and weights you will attach to it.

The strength and rigidity of this Granite Power Rack comes from 3x3" 11ga tubing uprights as well as the 5/8" hardware that we use for this rack.  This rack is also fully welded by professional welders to ensure we produce only the strongest unit.  Granite Power Rack is the perfect addition for commercial gym, home gym, school and college gym as it carries an attractive price point as well.

Kit Includes:

  • Unlike others, Granite Power Rack is entirely Made in USA
  • 3x3" 11ga Uprights (90" Tall)
  • 3x3" 11ga Bottom crossmember with training band Pegs
  • Pin & pipe safety
  • 1 Regular (Skinny) pull up bar & 1 Large pull up bar
  • 2 J-cups with bar liners
  • All 5/8" hardware to assemble Power Rack

NOTE: This sale is only for Granite Mainline Power Rack. The barbell and bumper plates are not included.