[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Wall Mount Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar System

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Granite Wall Mount Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar System features a very heavy duty constructions, we used 3/8" thick mounting brackets and a 2x2" 11ga tubing for the support arms and the multi grip bars are constructed from 1.25" diameter with thick wall tubing.

When installed in a home gym, our pull-up bar can be mounted onto any stable wood stud or ceiling joist or concrete wall. Granite pull up system with multiple grip options to vary your routine and challenge different muscle groups.  When installed properly, the weight capacity for this pull-up system is 600lbs.

Please NOTE that a secure and safe installation with a set of 8 'lag screws' and washers (and stringer board optionally) is required before using this Pull-up bar system. Failure to properly install this pull-up bar with stinger board, lag screws and washers will result in injury.