[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Plate Post (Standalone) Landmine

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Granite Plate Post (Standalone) Landmine

Granite Plate Post Landmine is definitely one of the must-have equipment at your gym, simply because it offers a wide range of exercises from basic landmine presses, deadlifts, standing lifts, and more. This very easy to use Plate Post Landmine will surely help you develop core as well as full body strength and it can also help you develop smooth power transition from core body outward.

Granite Landmine accepts standard barbell and it is most definitely a great piece to have in your gym if you're looking for a set of rotational body workout. Granite Landmine is 100% made in USA, just like all other Granite Fitness equipment. All you need to set this landmine up is just a couple of weight plates and insert the tube into the weight stack and you're done! attach your bar into the landmine and it's time to exercise!

NOTE: This sale is only for the single Plate Post Landmine by itself. The barbell and bumper plates shown are not included in the sale.