[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Type 32 Super Yoke (85" Tall) with J-Hooks

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Granite Fitness Type 32 Super Yoke (85" Tall) with J-Hooks

Granite Fitness "Type 32" Super Yoke is proudly made in USA from 3x2" 11ga tubing, unlike other imported equipment with undersize and thin gauge material. Granite Fitness Super Yoke is THE MOST versatile Yoke in the market for strongman arsenal, featuring a fully adjustable, oversized Double Cross beam. All of which helps to prevent bending, twisting, and shaking during as you carry up to 800lbs across your back. The equal distribution of four weight pegs makes the super yoke well balanced.

This Super Yoke is the 85" tall and it is built from 3x2 11ga steel tubing which offers plenty of rigidity and strength and it comes with a set of J-hooks. Granite Super Yoke has been tested with over 700lb of weight (not including the Super Yoke itself, which is close to 100lb). This Yoke can be used as a classic yoke set up to be carried across the back, overhead or in a Zercher.

On top of all that, if you raise the top cross beams to 72”, now you have an excellent weight over bar implement for strongman training with sand bags or atlas stone or loaded kegs. When you're ready to do some bench or squat, you can utilize the included set of J-hooks and raise the cross beams all the way to the top and now you have your squat stand and bench station.  And as a bonus, this equipment is 100% made in USA!

NOTE: This sale is only for Granite Type 32 Super Yoke kit by itself. The bumper plates are not included.