[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Type 32 Squat Stand (85" Tall)

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Granite Fitness "Type 32" Squat Stand (85" Tall)

Granite Fitness "Type 32" Squat Stand is proudly made in USA from 3x2" 11ga tubing, unlike other imported equipment with undersize and thin gauge material. This 85" Tall Squat Stand comes with a set of J-hooks and pull-up bar to complete the setup.

"Type 32" Squat Stand comes in either 70" tall version or 85" tall version. This one is the 85" tall version and it is built from 3x2 11ga steel tubing which offers plenty of rigidity and strength. At 85" tall, this squat stand is a very versatile strength training equipment for home, school, and commercial gym settings due to its compact footprint and ceiling height requirement. This version also includes the pull-up bar.

When properly bolted to the floor, this Squat Stand will handle well over 800lb of load without breaking a sweat and offer variety of training from squats to bench, floor press to pull-ups, and anything in-between. You can enjoy your training with peace of mind, safety, and dependability.

NOTE: This sale is only for Granite Type 32 Squat Stand kit by itself. The barbell and bumper plates are not included.