[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Top Load MAX Farmer's Walk Carry Handles

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Granite Fitness Top Load MAX Farmer's Walk Carry Handles

UPDATE: These top load Farmer's carry now feature handles that are 16" from the ground. We made the change to better align our handles with competition and Nationals standard.

Granite Fitness Top Loading MAX Farmer's Walk Handles come in pair. These are an evolution from the traditional Farmer's carry handles and its vertical weight posts allow you to load more weight than traditional farmer's walk handles and protect your plates by keeping them from hitting the ground if dropped. These MAX handles are built with heavy-duty 3 x3-inch 11-Gauge Steel tubing and are 100% made in USA.

These MAX handles reset the bar for strength and endurance training equipment, primarily in the grip and forearm areas. But when athletes walk or run with these handles under loads, they also engage their glutes, quads and calves to the upper back, shoulders, and core areas. Overall Length of each handle is 50” with our Texture Black Powdercoat, handles are approximately 16-inches off the ground, and each handle features 4 x 13" tall loadable posts and our handles have been tested up to 400LB/Handle and passed easily, so it can handle a lot more!

Please note that any metal-to-metal contact with the coated sleeves (such as adding and removing plates) may cause wear on the powdercoat finish over time.

NOTE: Bumper plates in the picture are not included with sale. This sale is only for the MAX Farmer's carry handles by themselves.