[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Super Versa Bench (Resistance Band Station)

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Granite Fitness Super Versa Bench (Hip Thrust / Squat / Band Pegs)

Granite Fitness line of bench and equipment is 100% made in USA. No excuses. No backorder. Our Super Versa bench has a very compact footprint but it packs all the strength and features that lets you perform a wide variety of movement with and without resistance band pegs. This bench is also adjustable from 15" to 18" tall, depending your assembly preference and it features a 24" wide and comfortable and grippy support pad.
Granite Fitness Super Versa Bench, as the name implied, can really do it all, at a commercial Gym and at a Home Gym or even school or Sports gym! We came up with 10 movements in just 15 minutes and we are positive there are many more movements possible with this bench.

Be ready for a bench that really can do it all, just for examples: banded curls (bars), banded deadlift, hip thrust, single leg squat, elevated push up, banded hip thrust, elevated sit up, and many many more movements! All you have to do is get yourself a set of resistance bands (standard "red" tension), we will also sell this bench with the resistance bands as a set.