[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Sissy Squat Station (Bench)

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Granite Fitness Sissy Squat Station (Bench)

Granite Fitness Sissy Squat Station is 100% made in USA and we built it to the meet and exceed competition standards. Our sissy squat station features adjustable foot roller lock positions as well as height adjustable calf support pad, which enables athletes of all sizes to use this station with ease. Our sissy squat station also features grip footplate surface.

Sissy squat helps define your teardrop muscle, which the lower inner quad muscle and this move also helps recover from heavy bar squats. The squat is focused on working the four quadriceps and glute muscles and it is often performed to strengthen the knee and hip joints. Lastly, sissy squat is also performed to strengthen your core as well as stabilization of your core. User can easily increase weight by holding a kettlebell across the chest or use resistance bands (loop it around the frame / foot of the squat station).

Granite Fitness Sissy squat station has a very compact footprint.