[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness 6ft Long Axle Barbell / Bar

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Granite Fitness 6ft Long Axle Barbell / Bar

It's time to work on that powerlifting grip! Shift your lifting focus with our Granite Fitness 1.9" diameter 6ft Axle Bar. Granite Fitness axle bar offers a fat grip Olympic barbell features that will tax and test your grip strength and forearms while still working for common muscle groups during bench press, deadlift, clean and jerk, curls, and many more. Entirely made in USA and crafted from steel tubing and powder-coated black, this Axle bar is lightweight in design and will hold a weight capacity of up to 700lbs.

Granite Fitness 1.9-inch fat Axle Bar grip builds more grip strength and wrist control over a standard barbell and it will certainly make your lifts more challenging than a standard bar will.  This 6ft axle bar still offers you 12" of loadable sleeve length which is quite generous given its overall length.

Please note that any metal-to-metal contact with the coated sleeves (such as adding and removing plates) may cause wear on the powdercoat finish over time.

NOTE: Bumper plates in the picture are not included with sale. This sale is only for the Axle Bar by itself.