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Granite Fitness PRO Deadlift Stand

In collaboration with Jonathan Currey (Team Juggernaut Barbell), Granite Fitness is proud to introduce this new & novel Deadlift Stand or Platform that will most definitely help enthusiasts and athletes to develop their deadlift capability and technique in the right direction.

The main purpose of our Deadlift Stand design is that when an athlete deadlifts, we want them to keep their calves in contact with the bars which causes his/her shins to remain vertical during the lift. This gives him/her optimum power output for the deadlift and acts as a physical que.

What makes this PRO Deadlift Stand special is that we incorporate band pegs at the back of the platform so that you can use your standard resistance band (similar to the one shown in the pictures) to provide an additional stimulus. Pulling the bar in against the band tension cues the athlete to engage his/her lats throughout the entire deadlift and also to keep the bar in tight against his shins taking advantage of the body’s center mass and ensuring optimum power output.

Additional Features:
Adjustable back to accommodate different lifter heights
Non-slip / grip platform base
Can be upgraded to combined "Duo" platform for Strongman wider lift stance.

We offer this PRO Deadlift Stand in 2 versions:
Traditional / Standard (which is this listing) for traditional powerlifters and the wider "combined" platform to accommodate Strongman / Sumo style deadlifters, which is available in a separate listing.

NOTE: Resistance band, barbell and bumper plates in the picture are not included with sale. This sale is only for the Deadlift Stand by itself.