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Granite Fitness POWER Vise Grip Trainer

It's time to work on that powerlifting grip or any sports that benefits from stronger hand grip! Granite POWER Vise Grip Trainer is the ultimate implement for grip strength training. Granite Innovative design allows you to use weight plates as well as resistance bands for added weight so you can get the most out of this implement. You can train both hands on the main bars or just an individual hand. We will include 3 bands that will range from 30lb added resistance to 100lb when you use them all together.

Granite POWER Vise Grip Trainer is 100% made in USA (Texas), just like everything else Granite Fitness! Our Vise Grip Trainer is made from USA heavy-duty steel and powder-coated black for a long lasting finish.

Additional Features:

-Slightly larger diameter handles for a more challenging grip training
-Plate loadable (all sizes), including 25lb Oly plates
-Band attachments for added resistance (Includes 3 bands)

Great for deadlifts or any strongman type of implement that requires a strong grip!

NOTE: Bumper plates in the picture are not included with sale. This sale is only for the Vise Grip Trainer by itself.