[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Flat Push Down (Palm) Bar & Carabiner

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Granite Fitness Flat Push Down (Palm) Bar & Carabiner

Granite Fitness unique Flat pushdown bar attachment will perfectly complement your cable machine or pulley system . This 1/4" thick Powder coated flat pushdown bar handle is 100% made in Texas, USA and it comes with 1 carabiner. It will last you a very long time.

The design of this flat pushdown bar allows you to use the middle flat (neutral) part of the bar as well as the angled bar ends to target slightly different part of your Tricep muscles. The design intent is to pushdown the flat bar without closing your grip, therefore not engaging your forearm muscle group.

This Flat Push Down bar is also available as a bundle with Granite Fitness 3-pulley Rack Mounted system.

NOTE: This sale is only for the Flat Push Down bar by itself & 1 Carabiner. Other equipment and accessories shown in the pictures are not included with the sale. Thank you.