[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Farmer's Walk Handles (Grip Training)

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Granite Fitness Farmer's Walk Handles (Grip Training)

Granite Fitness Farmer's Walk Handles come in pair. These straightforward handles design when used with proper posture will significantly benefit athlete's strength and endurance gains, primarily in the grip and forearm areas. But when athletes walk or run with these handles under loads, they also engage their glutes, quads and calves to the upper back, shoulders, and core areas.

Increase your grip strength, upper back, and endurance with Granite Fitness Farmer's Walk Handles. Perfect for use among multiple athletes and strength levels.  Overall Length of each handle is 58” with our Texture Black Powdercoat and each handle features 11" of loadable sleeve space and our handles have been tested up to 350LB/Handle.

Please note that any metal-to-metal contact with the coated sleeves (such as adding and removing plates) may cause wear on the powdercoat finish over time.

NOTE: Bumper plates in the picture are not included with sale. This sale is only for the Farmer's handles by themselves.