[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Bumper Drag Sled with one Carabiner

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Granite Bumper Drag Sled, like its smaller version (Mini Drag Sled), is a very versatile training equipment. Our Granite Bumper Drag sled is entirely built in Austin, TX USA. This Drag Sled has a footprint of 16"x26" and light enough to be portable, while offering a larger, more stable platform and higher drag resistance.

Our Bumper Drag Sled is constructed from 1/4" USA steel sheet and it features 16.5" tall post which can hold a little more than 10 x 45lb plates, that's over 450lbs of weight for dragging training.  At different weight loads, this sled can facilitate training for a wide variety of sports & track discipline.  We have tested this sled design on grass, field turf, concrete and track surface.

Just like its smaller version (Mini Drag Sled), this Bumper Drag Sled have a small foot print and the plate post is removable simply by removing the locking pin, thus making this unit extremely easy to store and transport anywhere.

NOTE: This sale is only for Granite Bumper Drag Sled. Bumper plates shown in picture are not included.