[FREE SHIPPING] Granite "Stage 1 Equipped" Compact Power Rack (85" Tall)

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Granite "Stage 1 Equipped" Compact Power Rack (30" Deep 85" Tall)

Granite Fitness "Stage 1 Equipped" Compact Power Rack is proudly made in USA, not too many Fully Loaded Power Rack in the market can say that. At only 85" tall x 49" wide x 30" deep, this rack is very compact and customizable. When properly anchored to the floor, this rack is can handle heavy loads of more than 1000lbs, so you can be confident that it will support an array of attachment and weights you will attach to it. The emphasis of our Compact Power Rack is to ensure that it will fit into any gym space, so if you have limited space but want to have a fully capable Power Rack, then this one is for you!

The strength and rigidity of this Granite Power Rack comes from 3x3" 11ga tubing uprights as well as the 5/8" hardware that we use for this rack.  This rack is also fully welded by professional welders to ensure we produce only the strongest unit.  Granite Power Rack is the perfect addition for commercial gym, home gym, school and college gym as it carries an attractive price point as well.

Kit Includes:

  • Unlike others, Granite Compact Rack is proudly Made in USA
  • 3x3" 11ga Uprights (85" Tall)
  • 3x3" 11ga Bottom crossmember with training band Pegs
  • 1 Regular (Skinny) pull up bar & 1 Large pull up bar
  • 2 J-cups with bar liners
  • All 5/8" hardware to assemble Power Rack

This Stage 1 Equipped Power Rack includes all of the following:

Granite Fitness "Power Horns" Dip Bars is constructed from 7ga steel sheet and 2x3" 11ga tubing to ensure a rigid structure. Granite Dip Bars offers every athletes a height adjustable dip station with an ergonomic angled handles for comfort. Dipping workout is a simple yet effective exercise to boost upper body strength and stamina, which is why it can be found in almost every gym facility.

Granite Spotter Arms, just like all the rest of Granite Fitness equipment, are proudly made USA and they offer the athlete peace of mind and dependability when training alone in their own home & garage. Unlike the imported equipment (which uses mostly thin gauge tubing), Granite Fitness spotter arms (11ga 3x3" tubing) are as heavy duty as they can be, so you can train as hard as you can without worrying about the equipment itself.

Granite Landmine will surely help you develop core as well as full body strength and it can also help you develop smooth power transition from core body outward. Granite Landmine accepts standard barbell and it is most definitely a great add-on if you're looking for a set of rotational body workout.

NOTE: This sale is only for Granite Stage 1 Equipped Compact Power Rack. The barbell and bumper plates are not included.