[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Mainline V2 Flat Weight Bench w/ PRO Thick Pad

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Granite Fitness Mainline V2 Flat Weight Bench w/ PRO Thick Pad

Granite Fitness Mainline V2 Flat Bench proudly made in USA and we built it to the meet and exceed competition standards. Granite Fitness V2 Flat Bench is one of the most essential addition to complete your home gym setup, it features a Sure Grip vinyl that will  prevent slipping when benching and the 11ga 3x3" Super Strong frame finished in a stunning powder coat matte black, together, this bench is extremely comfortable, grippy, SAFE and STRONG. It will easily hold 1000lbs load anytime!

Granite Mainline V2 Flat Bench features a Staggered 4-point footing design, which offers the ultimate stability and easily allows even the most narrow stance bench pressing athlete to adjust their feet perfectly. This bench is 17.5" tall and the staggered stabilizer feet are 14" and 22" wide. This upgraded Granite PRO Thick pad is made from highest quality Dense Foam and it is overall 3.8" thick, 47.5" long x 11.7" wide, making this one of the most comfortable and capable bench in the market today.

Granite Mainline V2 Flat Bench also features a set of small wheels and an easy-to-reach handle to allow for easy mobility around your gym setup. It can easily be put up when not needed and easily wheeled into place when you're ready for your gym session.

Together with a Rack or Stand, you can perform a wide variety of exercises with this bench alone, for example: bench presses, pullovers, rows, triceps extensions, and curls. Granite Fitness V1 flat bench is 100% built to handle heavyweights and proudly made in USA, no excuses!