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Granite Fitness Expandable Deadlift Platform Frame

Granite Fitness Expandable Deadlift Platform Frame is one of our most innovative equipment yet as it can be used for all forms of weightlifting movement. From the standard deadlift movement in 4x8ft format, to Olympic weightlift in 6x8ft format where athletes can safely perform the clean & jerk transition, to deadlifting with Mammoth or other long bars in 4x10ft format. Granite Fitness platform frame is the perfect equipment for strength training because it offers a designated spot for you to perform any forms of weightlifting discipline. Furthermore, our platform frame also features 4 band pegs, which attached to the frame and the frame has 4 independent floor strips, which helps the frame staying in place when band pegs are being used.

Just like other Granite Fitness equipment lineup, our Expandable Deadlift platform frame is 100% proudly made in USA! with no excuses.

Granite Fitness deadlift frame also helps dampen the impact & potentially loud noise when loaded bars are dropped back to the floor That’s why this platform frame makes an great addition to your commercial as well as home gym. Also, this frame is built to last. It’s made from thick USA steel, so you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Because of its all-steel construction and powder coated finish, it can withstand typical wear and tear easily.

3-in-1 Expandable Deadlift Platform: 4x8ft, 6x8ft, and 4x10ft.

Setting up our Expandable deadlift frame is incredibly easy, thanks to its bolt-together design. You just need to add your own full 2 layers of 5/8" plywood (if not available, then a single layer of 3/4" plywood will do) and add any shock absorbing 3/4" rubber mats on top to finish the assembly. 

Please NOTE that installation may require minor trimming and notching of the plywood sheet to clear the bolt heads and for the frame to come together more easily. You won't need to notch rubber mats or other pliable materials, you only need to notch/trim plywood layers.