[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Chest Supported Landmine Row Bench & T Row Handle

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Granite Fitness Chest Supported Landmine Row Bench & T Row Handle

Granite Fitness Chest Supported Landmine T Row Bench is 100% made in USA and we built it to the meet and exceed competition standards. Our chest supported T Row bench, loaded with a number of key features and it sure is a real space saver! If you already have a simple landmine setup and/or a standard barbell at home or in your gym, then you can have a fully functional and adjustable T Row machine with our innovative bench.

You can now have your own Granite Fitness chest supported T Row machine with this super compact set up for a real chest supported row movements, which has been a staple of Lat training for quite a while now. Supporting your chest keeps the stress off the lower back making this a safer rowing alternative. Combined with our custom Landmine handle (sold separately) you can attack your lats from all angles with a few row movements as well as Prone Shrugs and Standing Shrugs.

Our Chest Supported Landmine Row Bench features adjustable bench pad angle so athletes of different sizes can use the bench more comfortably as well as raised foot pegs to accommodate different size users. Granite T Row bench also features landmine support arm so user can simply rest the landmine there and load it up with plates and it immediately is accessible by the athlete.

Granite Fitness simple yet innovative dual grip landmine T handle will perfectly complement & complete our Chest Supported Row bench. Granite fitness landmine handle features two different hand positions and it allows you to isolate specific back muscles and offers maximum range of motion. Our Landmine Handle can be used with all Olympic barbells.

NOTE: This sale is only for the Chest Supported Landmine Bench and the T Row Handle. The bar and plates shown in the picture as well as the Power Rack are not included with the sale. Thank you.