[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Adjustable Nordic (Floor GHD) Bench

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Granite Fitness Adjustable Nordic (Floor GHD) Bench

We are very excited to introduce the granite-fitness.com first Adjustable Nordic Bench. This Nordic bench is 100% made in USA (this is NOT imported from overseas) and we built it to the meet and exceed competition standards. Instead of using rollers as the foot lock, we opt to use thick cushion pads instead for maximum foot comfort.

Granite Fitness Nordic bench is the most versatile bench there is out there, its main function is of course to comfortably train Nordic hamstring curl which will undoubtedly build your max hamstrings capability. But on top of that, it can be used to multiple types of stretches and exercise. Basically it can be used as general purpose bench and it's high incline can serve as the backing wall for different exercises.

Granite Fitness Nordic bench will allow beginners to experts to perform the Nordic hamstring curl with its comfortable and adjustable support padding. This bench also features mobility wheels which ensures that it can be moved around any gym spaces easily and it also features adjustable foot lock heights, as seen in pictures. The size of this bench supports athletes and users of all size and it is heavy duty and most importantly, it is safe and steady.