[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness 3x3 Rack Mount Pulley System + Lat Pulldown Bar

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Granite Fitness 3x3 Rack Mounted Full Pulley System & Lat Pulldown Bar

This bundle includes the Lat Pulldown Bar.

Granite Fitness 3x3" Rack Mounted Full Pulley System is the most efficient way to add a Triceps push down, Lat pull down, low rows and many other movement to your existing Power Rack. Just like everything else that Granite Fitness manufactures, this pulley system is made in USA (except the pulleys).

Compatible with any 3x3" rack with 5/8" or larger hardware. The whole pulley system is powder coated in textured black for extended durability. Compatible with the Loading Pin, Tricep Rope or Triangle Grip or other Handles.

This bundle includes the Lat Pulldown Bar.

Our pulley system mounts to the top and bottom crossmembers of your power rack and features three rack-mounted pulleys and brackets, 104" (for use with 2 pulleys) and 172" (for use with 3 pulleys) long cables, 2 carabiners, and all the assembly hardware needed.  Granite Fitness pulley system can hold up to 400 lbs and it is the most efficient way for performing triceps push downs, Lat pull-downs, bicep curls, seated rows, leg extensions, and other exercises.

NOTE: This sale is only for Full Pulley System by itself. The bumper plate, rack, loading pin shown in the picture are NOT included.