[FREE SHIPPING] Granite Fitness Landmine Bar T Row Dual Grip Handle

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Granite Fitness Landmine Bar T Row Dual Grip Handle

Granite Fitness simple yet innovative dual grip landmine handle will perfectly complement & complete our Chest Supported T Row bench or you can simply use it with any landmine setup that you might already have. This landmine handle is 100% made in Texas, USA.

Granite fitness landmine handle features two different hand positions and it allows you to isolate specific back muscles and offers maximum range of motion. Our Landmine Handle can be used with all Olympic barbells.

This landmine handle is also available as a set with our Chest Supported Row bench, which will create the ultimate compact T Row set up for any home AND commercial gym settings!

NOTE: This sale is only for the T Row Handle. The bar & plate shown in the picture as well as the Power Rack & Chest Supported bench are not included with the sale. Thank you.